Covid-19 Activities

Pope Francis has asked the priest and faithful to mark Thursday, May 14th as a special day of fasting, prayer and deeds of charity in response to the COVID – 19 Pandemic.  Bishop Bart recommends  that people be encouraged to park their car in view of the church, at a time of their own choosing, on this day and spend a quiet moment in prayer.   Though our churches are closed, they still represent God’s powerful presence in our midst.  As long as it is not used as an opportunity to break social distancing or gathering in large numbers, visiting the outside of our churches should be encouraged as a regular practice.

Support for Missionaries

Pope Francis has made an appeal to the Church to reach out in charity to those Mission areas that can least afford the health care costs of the pandemic.  Through the Pontifical Mission Society, and their offices in countries worldwide, he has asked Catholics to contribute their support to the cause.  Donations can be sent directly to the Pontifical Mission Society in Toronto.  Tax receipts will be issued from their offices.  The details are in the link below.  Thank you.

Support for Missionaries

Fraternally in Christ,
Bishop Bart


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Sacred Heart Parish is a sacramental, inclusive church, unified through prayer, faith-sharing, and action.

We respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ by using our gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

We strive to become one in our love and our service to God by meeting the needs of the parish and the neighboring community, with special sensitivity to the poor.

St. Anne's Oil

Our parish now has available small bottles of St. Anne's oil. This oil is often used to bless people who are seeking protection from harm or are looking for relief from sickness or injury. Bottles cost $5. The following prayer can be said when applying this oil.

Due to concerns related to Covid 19 Virus, many events have to be cancelled. 

Please continue to go online

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Weekly Bulletin

April 5, 2020


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Email Money Transfers

Our parish still welcomes your financial support. Many people have dropped off their envelopes in the mailbox and we appreciate that. Now you also have the option to make donations via email money transfer. The email address for etransfers only is Please use "Church" as the password to the security question to are asked to create, also include your envelope # in the comments section if you have one, if not please include an address where a tax receipt may be sent. Thank you.

​​The Memorare of St. Anne

Remember, O Good Saint Anne, whose name means grace and mercy, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, and sought your intercession, was left unaided.
Inspired with this confidence, I come before you, sinful and sorrowful. Holy mother of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, and loving grandmother of the Saviour, do not reject my appeal, but hear me and answer my prayer.
 (insert your request here)

Covid-19: Alert Level 4

Letter from Bishop Bart

To read the letter from Bishop Bart, please click on the link below.

Alert Level 4

Schedule of Masses

Mass will continue to be said by the priest in private. 

It will follow the advertised schedule of masses for the week.

​There will be mass live streamed 

on our diocesan website